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Forthcoming releasesForthcoming releases

Edition Filmmuseum 999

Projects which are in preparation. Since each project released by Edition Filmmuseum includes meticulous restoration of the film, long time researches for the bonus material and often complex rights clearances, there are still no concretes release dates for these DVD's.

Film history

Edition Filmmuseum 998

Grand OperaGrand Opera

Edition Filmmuseum 122

In James Benning's Grand Opera (1979) the static landscapes and cityscapes that made his name by the late 1970s are augmented with a number of experiments with established forms and conventions anda brief homage to four icons of the avant-garde: Hollis Frampton, George Landow, Yvonne Rainer, and Michael Snow. What distinguishes Grand Opera and sets it apart from Benning's previous work is thefilm's engagement with history both the filmmaker's personal biography as well as that of cinema. O Panama (1985) is Benning's only film based on fictional material (a collage of three short stories written by Burt Barr). The film resembles a sick man's (Willem Dafoe) fever dream, deftly blurring the lines between reality and fantasy.

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Amerasia & Việt Nam!Amerasia & Việt Nam!

Edition Filmmuseum 120

Wolf-Eckart Bühler (19452020) practiced a unique approach to the USA in his films and writings: on the one hand he focused on icons of the Left who stood up for a different America, were once vilified and are today vindicated by history; on the other hand he bore witness to the US-led Vietnam War's aftereffects in Asia. For , his final feature scored by Terry Allen and Surachai Jantimatorn, Bühler personally supervised the new digital restoration available for the first time in this edition. Rot weht der Wind ("Red Blows the Wind"), Bühler's rare radio feature tracing the history of the German periodical "Filmkritik", is just one of many supplements included here.

Release date: End of January 2022

Alice Guy BlachéAlice Guy Blaché

Edition Filmmuseum 119

Katja Raganelli portraits two forgotten women film pioneers: Alice Guy, the first female filmmaker and only female director of an American film studio, and Margery Wilson, leading actress in films by David Wark Griffith and William S. Hart, whose directorial efforts today are lost. This 2-disc DVD set presents rare documetary material and interviews, reenactment scenes and seven newly restored films by Alice Guy Blaché. It allows a new view on film history which usually marginalizes the work of women.

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Die Reise nach LyonDie Reise nach Lyon

Edition Filmmuseum 118

Elisabeth, a young historian, travels to Lyon, where socialist and feminist Flora Tristan had been active in the 19th century. In her footsteps, Elisabeth roams the old town, trying to reconstruct with a little cassette- recorder the sounds which Flora must have perceived, thus revealing the layers of history in sounds and noises, in faces and facades. A professor of history tries to lead her back to the paths of academic study, but she remains determined to break free of all scientific rigidity, and, in search of lost time, she discovers her own present day reality and the reality of today's city of Lyon. The DVD includes the German and the French version of the restored film classicDie Reise nach Lyon by Claudia von Alemann as well as a trilingual booklet.

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Edition Filmmuseum 117

Michael Verhoeven's controversial film o.k. unseen for decades, transfers an authentic incident from the Vietnam War to a Bavarian setting with stark realism. Five American soldiers are bored in their trench and rape a passing young Vietnamese woman. In an attempt to cover up the act, they kill her. Producer Rob Houwer and director Michael Verhoeven discuss in an additional feature how the film, as a competition entry at the 1970 Berlin Film Festival, caused a scandal and led to the festival's collapse. Stefan Drössler chronicles the historical events in the booklet.

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Edition Filmmuseum 116

Robert Reinert combines exotic thrills with erotic visuals in his film Opium, which accompanies an English doctor to China and India on his research into the effects of opium. The color tints and tones reinforce the psychedelic vibe of the frivolous dreams populated by elves and satyrs. The typography of the intertitles changes according to the location. Mutilated by censors and distributors, Reinert's classic has now been painstakingly recon- structed. This colour reconstruction was based on nitrate source elements from the film museums in Munich and Düsseldorf, and the Austrian Film Archive. At a length equivalent to 2,150 metres of celluloid, this is closer to the original release than any version known to have survived. In the DVD booklet, Stefan Drössler examines the unknown biography of Robert Reinert. As a special feature the DVD also offers a fragment of the legendary lost Reinert film Sterbende Völker.

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Roman einer jungen Ehe & FrauenschicksaleRoman einer jungen Ehe & Frauenschicksale

Edition Filmmuseum 115

Two classics produced by the East-German DEFA in the early 1950s when the Berlin border between East and West was still permeable. Roman einer jungen Ehe reflects the contrasting cultural politics of the cold war in the two parts of Berlin in the love story of a young actor couple. Frauenschicksale, one of the first German post-war color films, applies the vibrant Agfacolor palette to portray the lives of different women in both parts of the divided city who hope to build a better future while balancing their personal and societal responsibilities. Two rare short films and the texts in the booklet explain the historical context.

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Faust. Eine deutsche VolkssageFaust. Eine deutsche Volkssage

Edition Filmmuseum 114

F.W. Murnau's Faust has a long history spanning from Berlin to Hollywood. In 1923, Ernst Lubitsch convinced Mary Pickford to let him make a film of the Faust story, but he only got as far as shooting screen tests for the role of Mephisto. When Ufa announced its own Faust film a year later, the only cast member in place was Emil Jannings as Mephisto. For the other parts, the company attempted unsuccessfully to secure American stars. Ufa succeeded in procuring Nobel Prize-winning author Gerhart Hauptmann to write the intertitles, only to discard them in the wake of protest from script writer Hans Kyser. Now, for the first time, the Munich Filmmuseum has reconstructed Faust with Hauptmann's titles, which alter the rhythm and character of the film significantly.

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