Liebe macht hellsichtig & Die siamesischen Hände

Liebe macht hellsichtig & Die siamesischen Hände

Edition Filmmuseum 30

"Love and hate, how easily they break". Love stories are fundamental stories. In this realm of experience, we can test our own power of judgment. It is possible to judge political matters, which are not similarly open to intimate examination, through our knowledge of love stories. The death of Lucretia toppled the Roman monarchy. When a father is unable to protect his daughter Virgilia from a corrupt judge, he kills her. The secretive kiss of death is an instrument of power, a means to an end, for every Eastern network of agents. To be a laborer of love is the concern of a "grunt", a skillful prostitute, who provides an orderly erotic system on the oil rigs in the North Sea.

DVD features (2-disc DVD)


  • Liebe im Raumanzug 2001, 12'
  • Der schönste Schatz der Evolution 2006, 24'
  • Liebe macht hellsichtig 2007, 26'
  • Tod der Lucrezia 1988, 24'
  • Der Todeskuß 2001, 15'
  • Schwarzmarkt der Liebe 2005, 25'
  • Fifi 2007, 2'
  • 16page booklet with texts by Alexander Kluge


  • Mega-Stars der Liebeskunst 2007, 24'
  • Für jede Träne einen Blutstropfen! 19'
  • Ich komme jeden Morgen zum Sex 14'
  • Liebe als Passion 15'
  • Die siamesischen Hände 2007, 7'
  • "Liebesschmerz wie stumme Fische" 4'
  • Begehren, das die Welt regiert 14'
  • Herzkönigin am jüngsten Tag 23'
  • Meine Liebe ist tiefer als das Meer 15'
  • Short stories by Alexander Kluge as ROM features

DVD edited by: Filmmuseum München and Goethe-Institut, funded by the German Federal Cultural Foundation
DVD authoring: Ralph Schermbach
DVD supervision: Stefan Droessler

First edition November 2008

TV Format Original format Audio format Language Subtitles Region code
4:3 (PAL)
Dolby Digital 2.0
All Regions


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