Liebelei & Lola Montez

Liebelei & Lola Montez

Edition Filmmuseum 99

The 2-disc DVD presents the two most beautiful films shot in Germany by Max Ophüls in restored versions: The wonderful adaptation of Arthur Schnitzler's famous play Liebelei was the last film before Ophüls was forced to emigrate. The German version of the international co-production Lola Montez, shot in color and CinemaScope, remained his last movie. Additionally the DVD set features Martina Müller's highly praised documentary Max Ophüls - Den schönen guten Waren and never before published documents and out-of-print books in the extensive ROM section.

The films

Liebelei - Germany 1933 - Directed by: Max Ophüls - Written by: Hans Wilhelm, Curt Alexander, based on the stage play by Arthur Schnitzler - Cinematography by: Franz Planer - Music by: Theo Mackeben - Cast: Magda Schneider, Luise Ullrich, Paul Hörbiger, Gustaf Gründgens, Olga Tschechowa, Willy Eichberger, Wolfgang Liebeneiner, Werner Finck - Produced by: Elite Tonfilm - Premiere: 24.6.1933 (Vienna)

Lola Montez - West-Germany 1955 - Directed by: Max Ophüls - Written by: Max Ophüls, Jacques Natanson, Annette Wadement, Franz Geiger - Cinematography by: Christian Matras - Music by: Georges Auric - Cast: Martine Carol, Peter Ustinov, Adolf Wohlbrück, Henri Guisol, Lise Delamare, Paulette Dubost, Oskar Werner, Will Quadflieg, Willy Eichberger, Werner Finck, Ivan Desny - Produced by: Gamma Film - Premiere: 12.1.1956 (Munich & Hamburg)

Den schönen guten Waren - Germany 1990 - Directed and written by: Martina Müller - Cinematography by: Jürgen Hasenack, Peter Lilischkies - With: Magda Schneider, Daniel Gélin, Peter Ustinov, Edwige Feuillère, GErt Westphal, Tony Aboyantz, Ulla de Colstoun, Henri Alekan, Annette Wademat, Ivan Desny - Produced by: Westdeutscher Rundfunk - Premiere: 3.9.1990 (WDR)

The radio play

Max Ophüls: Gedanken über Film - Eine Improvisation - BRD 1956 - Directed by: Ulrich Lauterbach - Written by: Max Ophüls - With the voices of: Max Ophüls, Friedrich Schoenfelder, Otto Rouvel, Ulrich Lauterbach, Heinz Stoewer, Marianne Kehlau, Gisela Zoch-Westphal - Produced by: Hessischer Rundfunk - Premiere: 28.11.1957 (HR)

DVD features (2-disc DVD set)


  • Liebelei 1933, 84'
  • Max Ophüls - Den schönen guten Waren 1990, 90'
  • 20-page booklet with essays by Martina Müller and Stefan Drössler


  • Lola Montez 1956, 116'
  • Lola Montez - Versionen und Fassungen 2016, 29'
  • Max Ophüls: Das Lied der Lola Montez 1955, 3' (audio)
  • Max Ophüls: Gedanken über Film - Eine Improvisation 1956, 62' (audio)
  • Extensive ROM section with rare photos, documents, articles and digital books

The ROM section

Lola Montez

  • Working screenplay of Werner Roeder
  • Album with press photos
  • Souvenir booklet and lobby cards
  • Budget calculations
  • Martina Müller, Werner Dütsch: Lola Montez Eine Filmgeschichte (2002)
  • Stefan Drössler: Lola Montez (2002)
  • Iris Deniozou: Génèse, mort et résurrections de Lola Montès (2015)


  • Souvenir booklet
  • Freya Eisner: "Liebelei" am Platz des NS-Diktators (1979)

Gedanken über Film

  • Max Ophüls: Speech in Frankfurt on May 30, 1956
  • Working script
  • Correspondence Max OphülsUlrich Lauterbach

DVD credits

Edited by Filmmuseum München and Goethe-Institut München
DVD authoring: Tobias Dressel, Gunther Bittmann
DVD supervision: Stefan Drössler

First Edition April 2018, Second, improved edition November 2018, Third edition May 2021

TV Format Original format Audio format Language Subtitles Region code

4:3 (PAL)
16:9 (PAL)
Dolby Digital 2.0
Dolby Digital 2.0 (Stereo)
All Regions


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