EDITION FILMMUSEUM is a joint project of film archives and cultural institutions in the german-speaking part of Europe. Its ambition is to publish film works of artistic, cultural and historical value in DVD editions that both utilise the possibilities of digital media and meet the quality demands of the archival profession.

COLLECTIONS: All the films of an author or a theme are offered as a DVD collection for a reduced price. You can find these offers in the category "DVD collections".

AWARDS: The Edition Filmmuseum was repeatedly awarded for its quality releases. It won prizes for "the best DVD of the year" 2006 (Entuziazm), 2014 (Dzim Svante (Sol' Svanetii) & Gvozd' v sapoge), 2016 (Der Student von Prag) and 2018 (Liebelei & Lola Montez), "the best DVD label of the year 2007" (Edition Filmmuseum 01-27), "the best DVD collection 2007" (collection Alexander Kluge), "the best rediscovery of forgotten films" 2008 (The River), 2010 (Wunder der Schöpfung), 2011 (Female Comedy Teams, Max Davidson Comedies), 2012 (Die 'Oberhausener'), 2013 ( Vier Filme mit Asta Nielsen) and 2016 (... und deine Liebe auch & Sonntagsfahrer), "the best audiodescription 2008" (Vom Reiche der sechs Punkte) and "the best bonus material 2009 (Berlin, die Sinfonie der Grossstadt), 2010 (Die freudlose Gasse) and 2017 (The Salvation Hunters)".

All the DVDs in this webshop are with English subtitles (and some even with much more subtitles in up to ten languages). The VAT charge is automatically deducted for units sold to foreign countries if there is no need to pay it.

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Pharos of Chaos & Der HavaristEdition Filmmuseum 113
Pharos of Chaos & Der Havarist
11x14 & One Way Boogie / 27 Years LaterEdition Filmmuseum 112
11x14 & One Way Boogie / 27 Years Later
Das Luftschiff & Unbändiges SpanienEdition Filmmuseum 111
Das Luftschiff & Unbändiges Spanien
Kosmičeskij rejs / Cosmic VoyageEdition Filmmuseum 109
Kosmičeskij rejs / Cosmic Voyage
Deutschland Dada & John Heartfield, Fotomonteur & Happening, Kunst, Protest 1968Edition Filmmuseum 108
Deutschland Dada & John Heartfield, Fotomonteur &...
Liebelei & Lola MontezEdition Filmmuseum 99
Liebelei & Lola Montez
Der Gang in die NachtEdition Filmmuseum 97
Der Gang in die Nacht
Kafka Goes to the MoviesEdition Filmmuseum 95
Kafka Goes to the Movies