Napoleon ist an allem schuld

Napoleon ist an allem schuld

Edition Filmmuseum 13

One of the best German film comedies from the 30s: Lord Cavershot is totally obsessed by the historic Napoleon. His wife feels neglegted. Cavershot's participation in an international congress about Napoleon becomes his personal Waterloo. The DVD offers the newly restored version of the directorial film debut of Curt Goetz as well as a TV feature about him and an interview with his wife Valerie von Martens.

The Films

Napoleon ist an allem schuld - Germany 1938 - Directzed by: Curt Goetz - Written by: Curt Goetz und Karl Peter Gillmann - Cinematography by: Friedl Behn-Grund - Music by: Franz Grothe - Cast: Curt Goetz (Lord Arthur Cavershoot), Valerie von Martens (Lady Josephine Cavershoot), Else von Möllendorff (Madeleine, "Pünktchen"), Kirsten Heiberg (Fifi), Paul Henckels (Lord Cunningham), Max Gülstorff (Professor Meunier), Willi Schur (Rustan), Maria Krahn (Magde) - Produced by: Tobis-Filmkunst GmbH, Berlin - Premère: 29. November 1938 (Gloria-Palast, Berlin)

Erinnerungen an Curt Goetz - Valerie von Martens-Goetz erzählt - West Germany 1983 - Directed and written by: Horst Jaedicke - Cinematography by: Heribert Schuster - edited for TV by: Andreas Oesterle - Produced by: Süddeutscher Rundfunk (now: Südwestrundfunk), Stuttgart

Lohengrin popelt... - West Germany 1988 - Directed and written by: Peter Voss - Cinematography by: Wolfgang Mumm, Eckehard Veyhelmann - With Ernst Schmerschneider, Ingeborg Gampel, Eckart Dux, Ruth Niehaus, Dieter Mann, Alfred Dreifuß - Produced by: Südwestfunk (now: Südwestrundfunk), Stuttgart

DVD features

  • Napoleon ist an allem schuld 1938, 87'
  • Preview trailers of films with Curt Goetz 1949-1952, 9'
  • Erinnerungen an Curt Goetz - Valerie von Martens-Goetz erzählt 1983, 9'
  • Lohengrin popelt... 1988, 44'
  • 8page booklet with texts by Curt Goetz and Susanne Marschall

DVD edited by: Filmmuseum München, Goethe-Institut München
DVD authoring: Ralph Schermbach
DVD supervision: Stefan Drössler


First edition December 2007, Second edition March 2008, Third edition December 2008, Fourth edition August 2010, Fifth edition May 2012, Seventh edition March 2016, Eighth edition December 2020

TV Format Original format Audio format Language Subtitles Region code
4:3 (PAL)
Dolby Digital 2.0
All Regions


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