Baron Flo's Welt

Baron Flo's Welt

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»When Flo Nordhoff needed an English narrator for the international version of his award-winning animated film The Purple Line, he hired Eric Pohlmann. In The Purple Line we hear my father's voice, which a short time later he also lent to 'Blofeld' in the James Bond film From Russia with Love . When Flo lived in London he often came to visit us. So Dad's friend also became my friend, and I was introduced to his crazy, fascinating world.« (Stephen Pohlmann)

Flo Nordhoff, born Baron Florenz von Fuchs-Nordhoff (1913-1987), what a multi-talented artist whose work is still largely unexplored: illustrator, caricaturist, painter, musician, actor, animation specialist, filmmaker and entertainer. Stephen Pohlmann's "virtual conversation with the late artist" provides a first insight into Nordhoff's biography and work. The lovingly furnished, opulent illustrated book makes Nordhoff's pictures, which are widely distributed in private collections, accessible, as well as his beautifully restored legendary animated films: Die Purpurlinie (1959), The Purple Line (1960), Lieben Sie Fisch? (1963), Hands up Mr. Rasnitchi (1967) and Vincent Van Go-Go (1971).

Flo Nordhoff / Stephen Pohlmann: Baron Flo's Welt. Stephen Pohlmann im virtuellen Gespräch mit dem verstorbenen Künstler. 224 pages, hardcover, many pictures, DVD with Flo Nordhoff's animation films and a documentary about an evening for Flo Nordhoff at the Flmmuseum München.

Release date: March 2024

Euro 58,00