Das Haus in Montevideo

Das Haus in Montevideo

Edition Filmmuseum 15

The firmly rooted ethics of a very proper school "professor" are awfully tempted when his sister, the "black sheep" of the family, sends from her exile in Montevideo an offer for the oldest daughter, which is utterly immoral, thoroughly despicable, yet hard to refuse. Curt Goetz understood how to write comedy and how to play the parts to perfection. His film was the top hit of early post-war German cinema. The beautifully restored original version is added by an interview with Valerie von Martens, co-director, main actress and wife of Curt Goetz.

The films

Das Haus in Montevideo / The House in Montevideo - West Germany 1951 - Directed by: Curt Goetz & Valerie von Martens - Written by: Curt Goetz and Hans Domnich, based on his play - Cinematography by: Werner Krien - Music by: Franz Grothe) - Cast: Curt Goetz (Professor Traugott Hermann Nägler), Valerie von Martens (Marianne Nägler), Albert Florath (Pastor), Lia Eibenschütz (Madame de la Rocco), Jack Mylong-Münz (Lawyer), Eckart Dux (Herbert Kraft), Rudolf Reiff (Mayor) - Produced by: Hans Domnick Filmproduktion GmbH, Göttingen - Premiere: November 8, 1951 (Metro im Schwan, Frankfurt am Main)

Erinnerungen an Curt Goetz - Valerie von Martens-Goetz erzählt / Remembering Curt Goetz with Valerie von Martens-Goetz - West Germany 1983 - Directed and written by: Horst Jaedicke - Photographed by: Heribert Schuster - TV edited by: Andreas Oesterle - Produced by: Süddeutscher Rundfunk (today: Südwestrundfunk), Stuttgart

Recordings (only in German)

Interview mit Curt Goetz - Switzerland 1947 - With: Werner Hausmann, Curt Goetz - Produced by: Schweizer Radio DRS, Zürich

Herbst - West Germany 1958 - Radio play directed and written by: Valerie von Martens (Cyprienne), Curt Goetz (Count Dingelstädt), Herta Staal (Florence), Klaus Miedel (Narrator) - Produced by: Electrola, Berlin

DVD features

  • Das Haus in Montevideo 1951, 104'
  • Preview trailers of films with Curt Goetz 1949-1952, 9'
  • Erinnerungen an Curt Goetz - Valerie von Martens erzählt 1980, 9'
  • Radio feature Interview with Curt Goetz 1947, 4'
  • Radio play Herbst 1958, 25'
  • 8page booklet with texts by Curt Goetz and Susanne Marschall

DVD edited by: Filmmuseum München, Goethe-Institut München
DVD authoring: Ralph Schermbach
DVD supervision: Stefan Drössler

First edition August 2007, Second edition October 2007, Third edition March 2008, Fourth edition March 2009, Fifth edition August 2010, Sixth edition November 2010, Seventh edition January 2012, Eighth edition November 2012, Nineth edition November 2013, Eleventh edition März 2015, Twelfth edition November 2016, Thirteenth edition September 2019, Fourteenth edition February 2021

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4:3 (PAL)
Dolby Digital 2.0
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