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Friedrich Schiller - Eine DichterjugendFriedrich Schiller - Eine Dichterjugend

Edition Filmmuseum 02

A silent film about the youth of the leading German 18th century dramatist, poet, and literary theorist Friedrich Schiller (1759-1805). In 1773 he had to leave home and spent miserable years under strict discipline at the military academy of The Duke Karl Eugen, which only strengthened his longing for freedom. His first play "The Robbers" (1781) spoke of the ideas of liberty and became a landmark in German theatrical. The Filmmuseum München has now carefully restored a film that for a long time was believed to be lost. Following the conventions of the silent movie era, the positive was tinted and furnished with two new piano scores.

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Entuziazm (Simfonija Donbassa)Entuziazm (Simfonija Donbassa)

Edition Filmmuseum 01

Dziga Vertov's Entuziazm is considered a masterpiece of early sound film and of Soviet avant-garde cinema. Dealing with the Five Year Plan of the late 1920s, it was praised by artists like Charlie Chaplin and the avant-garde filmmakers of the 1960s. This 2-disc edition presents the film in two versions: the print preserved in the former Soviet Union's Gosfilmofond as well as Peter Kubelka's fascinating restoration which by re-syncing the image and sound as Kubelka explains in Restoring Entuziazm allows the viewer to experience what Vertov considered the new language of sound cinema.

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