FILM-DIENST. The movie journal

filmdienst-logoAs Germany's oldest movie magazine, FILM-DIENST, established as a journal for German and international cinema. Appearing every 14 days it contains detailed reviews of all actual movies which are being released within this period - offering a wide range from US-blockbusters to experimental films.

Beside the movie reviews it contains articles related to the phenomenon cinema: Portraits of directors and actors, thematic analyses and information about the film business, its politics and history. FILM-DIENST provides an insight into the work and progress of different film nations and international film festivals. It offers reviews of exhibitions, new cinematic books and CDs as well as reviews of selected, new released DVDs and Videos. Several times a year special editions dedicate their main focus to different cinematic aspects.

FILM-DIENST constantly observes the Swiss cinema with articles about actual movie releases, reports and portraits.

The regular insert "Film im Fernsehen" provides an overview about all movies and documentaries which will be broadcasted in German TV during the next two weeks.

Reviews and selected articles of the actual edition are also accessible on the web.

Subscribers of the magazine have access to the "cinOmat", the most detailed German movie data base containing information and evaluation of more than 60.000 movies which have been released in cinema, TV, Video or DVD since 1946.

FILM-DIENST defines itself as a publication which is supposed to describe and evaluate the medium film in all its aspects. Referring also to "Mainstream-Cinema", but especially to movies and artists which are hardly recognized due to the missing support of financially strong production and contribution companies. Additionally FILM-DIENST publishes the statement of the Catholic Film Commission next to each review, and periodically the movie-tip of the Catholic film criticism.

As medium of the Catholic film activity and a print run of 5000 copies "Filmdienst der Jugend" has been published the first time in October 1947. Due to the foundation of the German Catholic Film Commission the title changed to "Film-Dienst, Organ der Katholischen Filmkommission für Deutschland". After several changes regarding location and publisher (1968 changing from publisher Haus Altenberg in Düsseldorf to J.P. Bachem in Cologne and 1974 to the Catholic Institute for Media Information) the editorial department settled down in Bonn in 2003. Since then the journal is being published by Verlag Deutsche Zeitung GmbH in cooperation with the Catholic Film Commission.

Additionally to the movie magazine, FILM-DIENST works on the "Lexikon des internationalen Films". In 1987 it was first time published in 10 volumes replacing the previous single versions. A complemented and revised edition was published in October 2001 (Verlag Zweitausendeins, Frankfurt/Main). Within the framework of "Jahrbücher Film" by Schüren Verlag (Marburg) the lexicon is being extended on annual basis in book-form.


Postal Address: Redaktion FILM-DIENST, Heinrich-Brüning-Str. 9, 53113 Bonn, Tel. 0228-884 525, Fax: 0228-884 599.