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Forthcoming releasesForthcoming releases

Edition Filmmuseum 999

Projects which are in preparation. Since each project released by Edition Filmmuseum includes meticulous restoration of the film, long time researches for the bonus material and often complex rights clearances, there are still no concretes release dates for these DVD's.

Film history

Edition Filmmuseum 998

Alice Guy BlachéAlice Guy Blaché

Edition Filmmuseum 119

Katja Raganelli portraits two forgotten women film pioneers: Alice Guy, the first female filmmaker and only female director of an American film studio, and Margery Wilson, leading actress in films by David Wark Griffith and William S. Hart, whose directorial efforts today are lost. This 2-disc DVD set presents rare documetary material and interviews, reenactment scenes and seven newly restored films by Alice Guy Blaché. It allows a new view on film history which usually marginalizes the work of women.

Release date: February 2021


Edition Filmmuseum 117

Michael Verhoeven's controversial film o.k. unseen for decades, transfers an authentic incident from the Vietnam War to a Bavarian setting with stark realism. Five American soldiers are bored in their trench and rape a passing young Vietnamese woman. In an attempt to cover up the act, they kill her. Producer Rob Houwer and director Michael Verhoeven discuss in an additional feature how the film, as a competition entry at the 1970 Berlin Film Festival, caused a scandal and led to the festival's collapse. Stefan Drössler chronicles the historical events in the booklet.

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Edition Filmmuseum 116

Robert Reinert combines exotic thrills with erotic visuals in his film Opium, which accompanies an English doctor to China and India on his research into the effects of opium. The color tints and tones reinforce the psychedelic vibe of the frivolous dreams populated by elves and satyrs. The typography of the intertitles changes according to the location. Mutilated by censors and distributors, Reinert's classic has now been painstakingly recon- structed. This colour reconstruction was based on nitrate source elements from the film museums in Munich and Düsseldorf, and the Austrian Film Archive. At a length equivalent to 2,150 metres of celluloid, this is closer to the original release than any version known to have survived. In the DVD booklet, Stefan Drössler examines the unknown biography of Robert Reinert. As a special feature the DVD also offers a fragment of the legendary lost Reinert film Sterbende Völker.

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Faust. Eine deutsche VolkssageFaust. Eine deutsche Volkssage

Edition Filmmuseum 114

F.W. Murnau's Faust has a long history spanning from Berlin to Hollywood. In 1923, Ernst Lubitsch convinced Mary Pickford to let him make a film of the Faust story, but he only got as far as shooting screen tests for the role of Mephisto. When Ufa announced its own Faust film a year later, the only cast member in place was Emil Jannings as Mephisto. For the other parts, the company attempted unsuccessfully to secure American stars. Ufa succeeded in procuring Nobel Prize-winning author Gerhart Hauptmann to write the intertitles, only to discard them in the wake of protest from script writer Hans Kyser. Now, for the first time, the Munich Filmmuseum has reconstructed Faust with Hauptmann's titles, which alter the rhythm and character of the film significantly.

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Pharos of Chaos & Der HavaristPharos of Chaos & Der Havarist

Edition Filmmuseum 113

Betrayal is an everyday occurance, and it starts with the betrayal of one's own self. Sterling Hayden: round-the-world sailor, war hero, Hollywood star, author. "Hayden did more than just regret and seek the forgiveness of those whom he had harmed so much," as one of those whom Hayden had denounced to the House of Un-American Activities Committee in 1947 later put it. "He did the most radical thing possible: He changed." (Abraham Polonsky) This 2-disc DVD set presents two films by Wolf-Eckart Bühler that deconstruct the Hayden myth. On the one hand: a chaotic yet tranquil documentary featuring Sterling Hayden himself. On the other: Hayden's self-analytical, autobiographical tale on the experience of fear, conformation and betrayal, condensed into contemporary images and sounds.

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11x14 & One Way Boogie / 27 Years Later11x14 & One Way Boogie / 27 Years Later

Edition Filmmuseum 112

The mid-1970s saw James Benning's first feature films attract the attention of critics, establishing him as a representative of the »New Narrative Movement.« In films like 11╳14 and One Way Boogie Woogie, he combines the structural analysis of image, sound and narrative with auto-biographical traces, as well as with an almost »classical« interest in composition, color, light and landscape. This 2-disc set features 11╳14 (1977), one of the central U.S. avant-garde films of the 1970s, in a restored version. Also included is Benning's recurring view of his hometown Milwaukee at three different points in time: One Way Boogie Woogie (1978), 27 Years Later (2005) and One Way Boogie Woogie 2012. Documents of change and transience.

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Das Luftschiff & Unbändiges SpanienDas Luftschiff & Unbändiges Spanien

Edition Filmmuseum 111

Rainer Simon's adaptation of Fritz Rudolf Fries' novel "The Airship" is one of the most unconventional feature films ever produced in East Germany. Featuring a complex flashback structure and animated dream sequences painted directly on the film by artist Lutz Dammbeck, Das Luftschiff tells the story of an inventor who dreams of building a revolutionary new airship. When Civil War breaks out in Spain, the inventor refuses to allow his work to be abused for sinister political purposes. Unbändiges Spanien is an expanded version of Spanish Earth by Joris Ivens, who authorized Jeanne and Kurt Stern to update his work for a new audience.

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Kosmičeskij rejs / Cosmic VoyageKosmičeskij rejs / Cosmic Voyage

Edition Filmmuseum 109

COSMIC VOYAGE was the last Soviet silent film, made when talkies were already well established. In this elaborate science-fiction film equipped with impressive special effects, one sees the fictional Moscow of 1946, as it would have been if Stalin's plans had come to fruition. The film's highlight is an amazingly realistic voyage in a spaceship to the moon. The animation classic Interplanetary Revolution describes a journey to Mars. In the DVD booklet Alexander Schwarz examines the production history of both films and the development of the Soviet science-fiction film. Neil Brand, Masha Khotimski and Richard Siedhoff provide exceptional new music scores.

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