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Jørgen Leth 1: Anthropological FilmsJørgen Leth 1: Anthropological Films

Danish Film Classics

Over five decades, Jørgen Leth has created a cinematic oeuvre that is unique in all respects. In more than 40 films, Leth has maintained his experimental approach to the medium, exploring film as language, testing film's possibilities and limitations. Coming from a starting point in language-conscious modernist poetry, Leth has examined the world not only through language but through the film camera's lens, showing images combined with a singularly detached, descriptive tone all the while carried by an aesthetic and sensuous delight in images. The first volume of a DVD edition which covers all his films contains the anthropological films: The Perfect Human (1968), Life in Denmark (1972), Good and Evil(1975), Notes on Love (1989) and The Five Obstructions (2003). Also included in this DVD set is a booklet and extra notes on a new production entitled Tropical Mix.

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Les premiers pas du cinéma / The First Steps of CinemaLes premiers pas du cinéma / The First Steps of Cinema


The story of the history of sound and color on the screen is told in two magnificent documentaries: A la recherche du son / In Search of Sound and Un rêve en couleurs / A Dream in Colors. It's a long and adventurous story whose origins go back way beyond the birth of cinema. We learn about films rented with a singer, films colored by handpainting, strange sound effect machines and bizarre color systems. Crazy inventors as well as uncanny personalities contributed in their own way to the history of film. Beside the two documentaries the 2-disc DVD offers 35 supplemental features with incredible and unknown images and sounds.

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Exotic EuropeExotic Europe

FHTW Projekte 01

15 unknown short non-fiction films from 1905-1926 preserved and digitalized by the Technical College for Technology and Economics in Berlin (Fachhochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft) in co-operation with the German Bundesarchiv-Filmarchiv in Berlin/Koblenz, the Cinema Museum in London, and the Nederlands Filmmuseum in Amsterdam. The DVD offers different ways of access: a journey through time and travel destinations on a map of Europe provide a chronological and geographical orientation for the user. In addition three thematic essays Travel, Labour and Posing for the camera show the diversity of early nonfiction and suggest three of the many ways of looking at these films. A short videofilm How moving images survived gives an introduction to film preservation and restoration.

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