Mozart in the Movies

Mozart in the Movies

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Since the romantic the life of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozarts Leben is an artist's biography par excellence. The composer became an Austrian icon. The biographical films differ in their artistic interpretation and in their political intentions. The first film about Mozart from 1921 which survives only as a fragment celebrates Mozart's life, loves and sufferings. The other two films are directed by Karl Hartl. In the German production Wen die Götter lieben from 1942 Mozart is a famous German composer, in 1955 Mozart: Reich mir die Hand, mein Leben was meant to adapt the artist for the newly founded Austrian republic.

The book "Mozart im Kino", edited by Günter Krenn, analyses the three films and deals with Mozart as a myth in the high brow culture and as a pop art icon. It contains nine articles in German language by eight different authors.

The Films

Ein Künstlerleben: Mozarts Leben, Lieben und Leiden - Austria 1921 - Directed by: Otto Kreisler - Written by: Heinrich Glücksmann - Cinematographed by: Stefan Lorant, Holger Abel - Cast: Josef Zetenius, Dora Kaiser, Lili Fröhlich, Paul Gerhardt, Liesl Stillmark, Senta Stillmark, Karl Götz - Produced by: Helios-Film Fabrik, Wien - Premiere: February 13, 1921 (Press screening)

Wen die Götter lieben - Germany 1942 - Directed by: Karl Hartl - Written by: Eduard von Borsody, based on a novella by Richard Billinger and Edmund Strzygowsky - Cinematographed by: Günther Anders - Music by: Alois Melichar, based on Motives by Wolfgang Amadeaus Mozart and Ludwig van Beethoven - Cast: Hans Holt, Walter Janssen, Rosa Albach-Retty, Doris Hild, Pepi Glöckner-Kramer, Irene von Meyendorff, Winnie Markus, Curd Jürgens - Produced by: Wien-Film, Wien - Premiere: December 5, 1942

Mozart: Reich mir die Hand, mein Leben - Austria 1955 - Directed by: Karl Hartl - Written by: Karl Hartl, Franz Tassié, based on a novella by Fritz Habeck - Cinematographed by: Oskar Schnirch, Peter Koller - Music by: Wolfgang Amadeaus Mozart - Cast: Oskar Werner, Johanna Matz, Gertrud Kückelmann, Nadja Tiller, Erich Kunz, Angelika Hauff, Hugo Gottschlich - Produced by: Cosmopol-Film, Wien - Premiere: December 20, 1955

DVD Features

  • Mozarts Leben, Lieben und Leiden 1921, 8' (Fragment)
  • Wen die Götter lieben 1942, 96'
  • Mozart / Reich mir die Hand, mein Leben (Agfacolor) 1955, 112 min
  • Book "Mozart im Kino", edited by Günter Krenn 2005, 183 pages, numerous illustrations (in German)

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DVD Supervision: Dietmar Clees, Josef Navratil

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