Helena. Der Untergang Trojas

Helena. Der Untergang Trojas

Edition Filmmuseum 90

The 2-disc DVD presents for the first time an unjustly forgotten classic epic of the German silent cinema in a newly reconstructed and meticulously restored version. Shooting in Munich and its surroundings with an international cast, director Manfred Noa told the story of Helen of Troy and the decade-long war between the Greeks and the Trojans. The additional features of this DVD include the contemporary souvenir programs and stills as well as alternate scenes, rushes, foreign intertitles and outtakes.

The Film

Helena. Der Untergang Trojas (Part 1: Der Raub der Helena / Part 2: Die Zerstörung Trojas) - Germany 1924 - Regie: Manfred Noa - Written by: Hans Kyser - Cinematography by: Gustave Prioss, Ewald Daub - Cast: Edy Darclea, Wladimir Gaidarow, Hanna Ralph, Carlo Aldini, Albert Bassermann, Fritz Ulmer, Carl de Vogt, Adele Sandrock, Albert Steinrück, Karel Lamac Produced by: Bavaria-Film A.-G. Premiere: January 21, 1924 / February 4, 1924 Berlin (Mozartsaal)

About the Film

There is a tradition here to the fact that should a picture be mediocre everybody concerned is starred, the name of the producing company is printed in large caps and every thing possible is done to throw sand in the eyes of critics and exhibitors. But, on the other hand, should the nature be of sterling worth, although of foreign birth, then the system is "hush-bush", and all are robbed of their legitimate kudos. HELEN OF TROY, shown at the Palace by Cosmograph, is one of the latter. Of mixed Italian and Teutonic origin, it is a brilliant production in every way.

As a spectacle carrying the imprint of truth and realism it would make D.W. Griffith sit up and consider his laurels, while the acting has never been bettered from the anonymous leads to the tiniest small part.The story of fair Helen's rape by Paris to the fall of Troy is faithfully adhered to, and the greater part of the feature is devoted to the long-drawn-out fight between the Greeks and Trojans. Here and there the story may take original and unhistorical twists, such as the episode in which Menelaeus orders his queen, Helen, to expose herself to the common public before serving in the Temple of Adonis.

The majority of the settings are magnificent and the handling of vast crowds of soldiery is beyond all praise. The famous episode of the horse is fine. The acting from first to last reaches a remarkably high standard, and it is to the disgrace of the renters that this should be allowed to go unknown when so much solid incompetence is extolled to the skies.

Variety, February 9, 1925

DVD features (2-disc DVD set)


  • Der Raub der Helena 1924, 100'
  • Score by Joachim Bärenz and Christian Roderburg
  • Alternative scenes and rushes 1924, 35'
  • Foreign version intertitles 1924, 15'
  • Documents, souvenir programs and stills as ROM features


  • Die Zerstörung Trojas 1924, 119'
  • Score by Joachim Bärenz and Christian Roderburg
  • Scene-by-scene comparisons 1924, 45'
  • 20 page trilingual booklet with an essay by Stefan Drössler about the production, reception and reconstruction of the film

Edited by: Filmmuseum München and Goethe-Institut
DVD authoring: Tobias Dressel
DVD supervision: Stefan Drößler

First edition November 2015, Second edition September 2016

TV Format Original format Audio format Language Subtitles Region code

4:3 (PAL)
Music score
Dolby Digital 2.0
German intertitles
All Regions


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