The Other Weimar

Edition Filmmmuseum Collection 2

The Other Weimar The Other Weimar The Other Weimar The Other Weimar The Other Weimar The Other Weimar The Other Weimar

German silent cinema from Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari to the coming of the talkies is one of the most celebrated eras in film history, and an endless source of themes and theses for film studies. Which makes it ironical that it is also the most consistently misrepresented region of cinema history: The corpus of Weimar cinema, as generally viewed, consists some "classic" directors and masterpieces which suit Kracauer's psycho-sociological perspective, and Eisner's essentially Romantic view of German art history. This collection presents newly rediscovered and meticulously restored films of less known German filmmakers such as Robert Reinert, Richard Oswald, Curt Goetz, Hanns Walter Kornblum, Fritz Freisler, Zoltan Korda, Hugo Rütters and Ella Bergmann-Michel. Most of their works were produced independently of the market-leading UFA company. But the films of this collection represent a German cinema apart from expressionistic dark tales, tragical Kammerspiele and constructivist documentaries: lavish period pieces with political statements, new genres like sportfilms and educational films about sexual taboos, authentic documentary views on everydays life. All films are meticulously restored from the best surviving material. Information about the films and the filmmakers are documented in the booklets, ROM features and film essays. Seven DVD's for a special price.

Within the next years, more films by other directors will be added to this collection.

Seven DVDs

  • Nerven 1919, Robert Reinert, EF 41
  • Anders als die andern 1919, Richard Oswald, EF 04
  • Friedrich Schiller - Eine Dichterjugend 1923, Curt Götz, EF 02
  • Wunder der Schöpfung 1925, Hanns Walter Kornblum, EF 43
  • Die elf Teufel 1927, Zoltan Korda, EF 08
  • König der Mittelstürmer 1927, Fritz Freisler, EF 08
  • Vom Reiche der sechs Punkte 1927, Hugo Rütters, EF 19
  • Ella Bergmann-Michel 1930, Ella Bergmann Michel, EF 09
  • Wo wohnen alte Leute 1931, Ella Bergmann Michel, EF 09
  • Erwerbslose kochen für Erwerbslose 1932, Ella Bergmann Michel, EF 09
  • Fliegende Händler in Frankfurt am Main 1932, Ella Bergmann Michel, EF 09
  • Fischfang in der Rhön (an der Sinn) 1932, Ella Bergmann Michel, EF 09
  • Wahlkampf 1932 (Letzte Wahl) 1932/33, Ella Bergmann Michel, EF 09
  • Scores by Joachim Baerenz, Guenther A. Buchwald and Aljoscha Zimmermann
  • Texts in Booklets and in ROM sections
  • Numerous additional features and shortfilms
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4:3 (PAL)
Music score
Dolby Digital 2.0
German intertitles
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