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The DVD collections are compilations of identical single Edition Filmmuseum DVD's at a special price.

Hal Roach ComediesHal Roach Comedies

Edition Filmmuseum Collection 7

Two 2-disc DVDs with 25 comedies from the HAl Roach Studio (Edition Filmmuseum 57 & 58): Newly restored two-reelers, most of them have never been released on DVD, starring Max Davidson, Spec O'Donnell, Marion Byron, Anita Garvin, Thelma Todd, ZaSu Pitts, Patsy Kelly, Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy. The booklets offer new essays about the comedians. The ROM section contains scripts, cutting continuities, censor's files, reviews, stills, and posters of lost films. A unique set from the golden age of American film comedy.

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The comedies by Curt GoetzThe comedies by Curt Goetz

Edition Filmmuseum Collection 3

Four classics of the best German film comedy which were the box office hits of the early post-war years in Germany. The films are very entertaining historical documents which kept their charme thanks to their brilliant dialogues and the performances of Curt Goetz and Valerie von Martens. The original films were restored from the best surviving elements and complemented by luxurous and rare bonus material.

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The Other WeimarThe Other Weimar

Edition Filmmmuseum Collection 2

German silent cinema from Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari to the coming of the talkies is one of the most celebrated eras in film history. But the corpus of Weimar cinema, as generally viewed, consists only some "classic" directors and masterpieces which suit Kracauer's psycho-sociological perspective, and Eisner's essentially Romantic view of German art history. This collection presents newly rediscovered and meticulously restored films of less known German filmmakers such as Robert Reinert, Richard Oswald, Curt Goetz, Hanns Walter Kornblum, Fritz Freisler, Zoltan Korda, Hugo Rütters and Ella Bergmann-Michel. All films are meticulously restored from the best surviving material. Information about the films and the filmmakers are documented in the booklets, ROM features and film essays. Seven DVD's for a special price.

Two censored German gay classics: Anders als die andern (1919) & Anders als du und ich (1957)Two censored German gay classics: Anders als die andern (1919) & Anders als du und ich (1957)

Edition Filmmuseum Collection 1

The DVD's Edition Filmmuseum 04 and Edition Filmmuseum 05 present films which refer to each other: Both films deal with the taboo subject homosexuality, both film were censored and forbidden, both films don't suvive in the original form as intended by the filmmakers. The DVD's offer as ROM features many unpublished documents about the production and censorship history of the films. A special highlight is a letter exchange between the Jewish emigrant Richard Oswald (Anders als die Andern) and Nazi protegé Veit Harlan (Anders als du und ich).

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