Abel Gance: J'accuse

Abel Gance: J'accuse

Flicker Alley

J'Accuse (1919) is a story set against the backdrop of World War I that is considered one of the most technically advanced films of the era and the first major pacifist film. Gance, who had served briefly in the military during World War I, decided to return to active service in 1919 in order to film real battle scenes to include in the project. The film was reedited and shortened for peacetime reissue in 1922, and has not been available since in its original form. Lobster Films Studios, Paris, working in collaboration with Netherlands Filmmuseum and Flicker Alley have culled materials from the Lobster Collection, the Czech archive in Prague, the Cinematheque Francaise, and the Netherlands Filmmuseum to make the best possible and most complete edition of the original 1919 edit of the film. The 2-disc DVD set features a new symphonic score composed and conducted by Robert Israel.

The films

J'accuse (I Accuse) - France 1919 - Directed and written by: Abel Gance - Cinematography by: Maurice Forster, Léonce-Henri Burel, Marc Bujard - Music by: Robert Israel - Cast: Romuald Joube, Maxime Desjardins, Séverin-Mars, Angèle Guys, Marise Dauvray - Produced by: Pathé Frères - Premiere: April 25, 1919

Paris pendant la guerre (Paris During the War) - France 1916 - Directed by: Henri Diamant-Berger - Written by: André Heuze - Music by: Robert Israel - Cast: Georges Wague, Jean Signoret, Camille Bardou, Claude Mérelle, Jane Faber, Raimu - Produced by: Serge Sandberg

Fighting the War - USA 1916 - Directed, written and photographed by: Donald C. Thompson - Music by: Robert Israel - Produced by: Mutual Film

DVD features (2-disc set)


  • J'accuse (part 1 + 2) (tinted) 1919, 113'
  • Chapter selection
  • 20page booklet with essays by Kevin Brownlow, Leslie Kathleen Hankins and Annike Kross


  • J'accuse (part 3) (tinted) 1919, 53'
  • Chapter selection
  • Paris pendant la guerre (tinted) 1916, 31'
  • Fighting the War 1916, 15'

Edited by: Flicker Alley

DVD authoring by: Brian Peterson

DVD supervision by: Jeffery Masino

TV Format Original format Audio format Language Subtitles Region code
4:3 (NTSC)
Music score in stereo
French intertitles
All Regions


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